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About Us

Vivek Gupta, MD, MPH, is a board-certified physician in obesity medicine and internal medicine. He leads Mindful Weight Loss, a medical weight loss clinic in Redondo Beach, California. In addition to his practice in medicine, Dr. Gupta is a daily practitioner of mindfulness meditation, which he integrates with his approach to helping patients. He is an MB-EAT practitioner trained through the Mindful Eating Training Institute with Andrea Lieberstein

Dr. Gupta is passionate about helping those who struggle with excess weight. Through his own struggles with losing weight, Dr. Gupta discovered that medical and non-medical tools could be useful. Dr. Gupta has personal experience of losing 40-50 pounds two separate times and knows that it is not easy to lose weight.

People's minds, bodies, environments, and perhaps even the people in their lives can be obstacles to weight loss success. However, with education and a supervised weight loss regimen, it is possible to overcome the formidable challenge of losing weight.

At its core, the goal is not merely a number on the scale but living our lives closer to our aspirations and values. To grow, we must first accept where we are in order to go where we want to be. At Mindful Weight Loss, Dr. Gupta will take the time to listen and get to know you, walk with you on the path of change, and help you to achieve a more authentic version of yourself.

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Obesity is a disease. We evolved when calories were hard to come by, and our bodies developed systems to fight against efforts to lose our precious energy stores. In our modern world where food is plentiful, these same biological systems work against us.

At Mindful Weight Loss, we use medications, meal replacements, nutrition, physical activity, behavioral counseling, and mindfulness training to help overcome these obstacles and help you achieve your goals to become a healthier you. Now offering both in person and tele medicine visits.


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    There is no one approach to health. The best diet is the series of habits and choices which are sustainable and still allow us to experience joy and happiness. At Mindful Weight Loss we will work with your individual preferences to achieve your desired nutritional goals, and also offer optional meal replacements as an additional tool. The best nutritional plan is the one that works for you! Book an appointment to learn more.



    While physical activity is an important component of health and weight maintenance, starting a regular exercise regimen takes time and is only achieved after a series of attempts and failures. At Mindful Weight Loss we start from where you are, slowly helping to increase the role of physical activity in your life. We’ll help build an attainable long term habit, aiding in losing weight and improving your metabolic and mental health.


    At the core, we are trying to influence the moment where we pick up the fork. Unfortunately a universe of conditioned responses underlay this simple gesture. Using a mindfulness approach, we will help you deconstruct the mental pathways which guide our habits and behaviors and help you become more proactive rather than reactive to our environmental stimuli. Mindful Weight Loss is here to help!



    As hypertension and diabetes require treatment, medication is an important component for managing obesity. At Mindful Weight Loss, we will perform a full history and physical and assess appropriate medication regimens to help counteract the biological impediments which hamper our weight loss efforts. Medications expand our arsenal to help you with weight loss and weight maintenance. 


Eat less and exercise more. For decades this has been our health care systems weight loss prescription. At the same time, the men and women who struggle with their weight now include roughly 2 out of 3 Americans. Clearly something isn’t working. At Mindful Weight Loss, our goal is to bring something new to to the table. Using medications, counseling, education, meal replacements and mindfulness techniques, we will provide you with an individualized approach that is grounded in science and is possible, effective, and sustainable. The goal of Mindful Weight Loss is to help you achieve realistic goals to improve both you health and your life.

As we treat hypertension and diabetes with medications, the disease of obesity often requires medications to help us with our physiologic and evolutionary impediments to lose weight in our calorie rich environment.

Individualized Nutrition
There is no one size approach to weight loss and health. Whether you prefer low carb, vegan, paleo, south beach, Mediterranean, I will work with whichever safe and effective nutritional plan works for you. We also offer meal replacements to help with a transition to better eating habits and goals.

Our behaviors, including around food and health, are a result of the feelings, thoughts, and sensations. My treatment plan involves simple mindfulness techniques which can help us sit with our self generated negativity around food and health which can become an impediment to change and growth.


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