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Why Mindful Weight Loss?

Eat less and exercise more. For decades this has been our health care systems weight loss prescription. At the same time, the men and women who struggle with their weight now include roughly 2 out of 3 Americans. Clearly something isn’t working. At Mindful Weight Loss, our goal is to bring something new to to the table. Using medications, counseling, education, meal replacements and mindfulness techniques, we will provide you with an individualized approach that is grounded in science and is possible, effective, and sustainable. The goal of Mindful Weight Loss is to help you achieve realistic goals to improve both you health and your life.

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Evidence Based

As we treat hypertension and diabetes with medications, the disease of obesity often requires medications to help us with our physiologic and evolutionary impediments to lose weight in our calorie rich environment.

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Individualized Nutrition

There is no one size approach to weight loss and health. Whether you prefer low carb, vegan, paleo, south beach, Mediterranean, I will work with whichever safe and effective nutritional plan works for you. We also offer meal replacements to help with a transition to better eating habits and goals.

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Our behaviors, including around food and health, are a result of the feelings, thoughts, and sensations. My treatment plan involves simple mindfulness techniques which can help us sit with our self generated negativity around food and health which can become an impediment to change and growth.

Vivek Gupta, MD, MPH

Medical Weight Loss Clinic located in Redondo Beach, CA 

I am passionate to help those who struggle with excess weight. I have wrestled with weight issues myself and discovered that there are medical and non-medical tools that actually work. From my personal experience of losing 40-50 pounds two separate times in my life, I know that it is not easy to lose weight.

Doctor Vivek Gupta

A Mindful Approach to Medical Weight Loss

Obesity is a disease. We evolved when calories were hard to come by, and our bodies developed systems to fight against efforts to lose our precious energy stores. In our modern world where food is plentiful, these same biological systems work against us.

At Mindful Weight Loss, we use medications, meal replacements, nutrition, physical activity, behavioral counseling, and mindfulness training to help overcome these obstacles and help you achieve your goals to become a healthier you. Now offering both in person and tele medicine visits.

For appointments and inquiries call 310-220-4543

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Zoom visits are available for all our patients.

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$350 per month

Regular coaching sessions

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Flexible Schedule

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