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At Mindful Weight Loss we start with a 60 minute intake to get to know you and help formulate an individualized plan. We go over all labs, studies, and other medical history to make sure our recommendations are safe and effective. A detailed body composition analysis is also done. From there you are scheduled for a 30 minute follow up one to two weeks later, with lab orders in the interim. On this visit, an initial plan is made. Options such as meal replacements, obesity medications, and other treatment options are discussed and we collaboratively formulate a plan incorporating the four pillars of weight loss: nutrition, behavior, physical activity and medication.



From there every month we schedule 2 visits to f/u progress and make any adjustments to our plan, and help address any challenges or obstacles. Each month a repeat body composition analysis is performed. We also begin incorporating mindfulness tools such as focusing on hunger, cravings, and discuss staying with sensations and letting them come and go. If we decide meal replacements and/or medications are the best option, then we make sure to perform the appropriate medical monitoring on a regular basis.




Throughout the entire process, we make sure to work with your primary care doctor, endocrinologist and any other member of your team so that everyone taking care of you is on the same page. You also have access to the Mindful Weight Loss App, where you will be able to communicate directly with Dr. Gupta for issues with medications adjustments, questions, or just issues such as additional emotional support and advice to help deal with eating challenges for events such as Thanksgiving dinner. Via the app you can also access patient education resources, and we can track changes in weight, labs, and other parameters so you know you are on the right track.



Every visit is available via in person at our office at 510 N Prospect Ave, Suite 301, Redondo Beach, CA 90277, or in video. Appointments can be made easily made on this website. Evening/weekends appointments are also readily available.

This entire program is available for 350 dollars per month.




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